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Children of Hope

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children of hope

At Hope and beyond child focused therapy is well integrated in the general recovery program of their parents/guardians.

  • Adult drug (mis)use and children: Drug (mis)use among adults usually results into negative consequences on entire families in general and on children in particular. Young people living in families with alcohol and drug related problems suffer physical and emotional abuse/neglect as well as the societal stigma. As a result they often feel responsible or guilty for the parental drinking and in many cases take over responsibilities in the families far beyond their age. Subsequently children develop problems such as difficulties in interpersonal relationships,  problem solving, self-control, cognitive problems and drug abuse and in their lifetime.

  • Children of Hope program: HaB uses the opportunity for parental treatment and rehabilitation to offer consolation and provide resilience sources for their respective children. By strengthening the resilience and communication skills of the children and promoting dialogue with their parents/guardians, the program fills a crucial gap towards offering holistic recovery services.

  • Children of Hope program aims to improve quality of life for the family/community members of people with addictive behaviors by providing a model child friendly intervention along with the treatment and rehabilitation program. 

Activities: Using play therapy, children’s emotional needs are identified and psycho education offered to the children and significant others. A major activity is the child specific counseling sessions. Child centred questions are asked in the assessment, treatment and post treatment clinical tools. Other activities take form of psycho-social support and capacity building activities including; Development of children play centre, Organising children’s day out: Psycho educative activities. We also do Capacity building and training for child therapists, and conduct positive parenting and family sessions for adults to educate them about proper child upbringing. Lastly, we conduct monthly and special school holiday life skills building activities for the children as we also do home and school visits and outreaches.