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Treatment and Rehabilitation

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Treatment and rehabilitation of people affected by substance abuse. This takes the form of detoxification, co-occuring illnesses and psychosocial interventions.

Detoxification: Hope and Beyond has a well designed clinical program to facilitate safe elimination of the harmful substance that alcohol and drugs leave in the body.

Free Camp Treatment for Alcohol and Drug use disorders. HaB conducts free Brief intervention in form of 7-14 days' treatment camps to benefit the needy populations who otherwise lack resources to support regular treatment. Camp treatment can be provided in any location. Please contact us if you need to support or organize a camp treatment in your area.

Treatment of Co-occuring illnesses. Substance use and other addictions are primarily associated to may various ailments. Alongside detoxification HaB is  a registered medical facility and offers treatment of mental conditions such as Bi-polar, Schizophrenia and Psychosis; Psychological illnesses including depression, anxiety, insomnia ... and Physical diseases (Sexually Transmitted diseases, fevers, Coughs to mention but a few).

Spiritual Support: Hope and Beyond admit people from various spiritual backgrounds and work with their spiritual leaders to provide guidance necessary for their recovery.

Vocational and Occupational skilling: HaB offers training in basic skills of business management and occupational skills that can enable a person to sustain him/herself economically. Examples include training in Art and Crafts, Baking and Catering, maing of soap, detergent and candles;